The Gangsters — Dreamscape for 01/04/14

Terrorist Pointing an Automatic WeaponI was thinking of names for a couple train track routes until one of the guys I was with started to push me around, so I beat him down. Later on he attacked me again so I beat him down again. At this point what I expect was the “leader” said to “get his grandmother,” so I warned my grandmother to stay away from the house but she pulled into the driveway anyway. I went to the car and told her again to get away. She said okay and got back into the car, and as she started the engine I rode my bike to the street to wait for her to pull out but it was too late—the car was being surrounded by gang members who were pointing guns at the car.

The last thing I saw before I biked away was my grandmother getting out of the car with her hands up. Many streets over I dialled 911 and told them there was gang activity at my house and I repeated it again before hanging up.


On Thin Ice — Dreamscape For 01/02/14

Part I
I was riding a horse across a frozen river but when I was getting towards the other side, the ice became thin until there was no ice at all but open, freezing water. I had two choices: either turn around and go back the way I came or press forward. I did the latter—I got off the horse which ran off and I swam the rest of the way across the frigid water.

Part II
I was shooting birds at my local school for points in some type of game. After some time I noticed an old school yard bully and I pointed the gun at him. He threatened to call the cops and I spent some time trying to convince him not to.

There was then a running game. I had to go along this track grabbing these papers as I went. It cost 50 cents per run but I found a better way by climbing a nearby fence and finding a hidden key that unlocked the box in which you put the money in. The races became free for me but it still took me a few tries to get the timing right (I’d start the race a second or so too late).

Part III
After I got sick of the races I got on my bike and rode around a while. I saw a cute girl also riding a bike who eventually stopped to talk to my friend. I watched them for a few minutes from afar until she started to ride off again and I went to my buddy and asked him how it went, and he said she was evil. Her phone number flashed up and it was EVL-????. I can’t recall the rest of the numbers.

Part IV
There was then this loud bang and several escaped lions were running about, chasing and leaping upon fleeing people and eating them. There were even some cubs that joined in on the hunt. I was also running with my buddy, punching leaping lions in the face as they tried to tackle me.

Eventually we got to this shitty, red electric car and got in. I drove this piece of shit a little way until my pal told me to stop and I did. He got out and walked toward the lions’ leader whom my brain labelled “Bane.” I thought the lions were going to eat him but they didn’t. I told my friend I would be back with some weapons and he nodded and I sped off.

I woke up before I was able to return with the weapons to free him.


The Bright Sun – Dreamscape for 12/14/13

download (1)I was a young teenager again and was walking with two friends down some street and I decided I was thirsty but I didn’t have any money, so I asked one of my buddies if I could borrow a couple bucks and I would pay him back later. He said yes and we continued to walk towards the store.

I walked across a street while a giant dump truck turned left and down the street we were walking. It was at this time I turned and looked behind me and my friends were gone. I decided to turn around and walk back up the street to try to find them. I then saw two guys I thought were my friends and I followed them but when they turned into a driveway I realized they weren’t my friends at all.

The sun was blazing in my eyes the entire time.


The War — Dreamscape for 11/28/13

There was a war beginning down at my old elementary school. This wasn’t a war with guns or bombs but with swords and shields, just like the Roman days. This guy I knew from the school named Mark kept targeting me and eventually he managed to slit my throat. As the blood spurted from my neck I heard someone saying, “I can see your breastbone.”

Somehow I woke up again and now me and the soldiers had to solve puzzles then toss the three-worded answers into a spinning vortex within a large cauldron. I remember seeing the number 27. The “other team” had to do the same. The one with the highest number got more of the favour from the gods, apparently. And we were closely matched.

Mark kept trying to target me but I learned to counter this with more soldiers at my side. He didn’t manage to cut me again.