Guest Writer

Have you ever seen the rain?

One more drop felt on my palm. Soft, wet and impermanent. It disappears as fast as it came. Glides through my life line and overruns the edges  like a waterfall. Closing my eyes, I think of this thankless world. How the sky itself is crying, because of our hubris and arrogance that is pouring every day, in no need for wind or clouds.

Heavy DownpourI spread my arms and track that sky with my view. The sky that hides the answers. The sky that can destroy and crush us like we do ants, any time it wishes. His blackness- it’s only the bleeding tincture that spreads, mixed with water and despair inside of every each and one of us. Admit it or not, that despair is a part of our very structure. 95% of water and 5% of despair additive. Together they form a life that we know. But still, sometimes it doesn’t leave a trail, just like this drop fades from my palm, as though it never even existed. And it’s going back up. Back into the blackness. Into the sky. The despair. Same as we are. We emerge, disappear and emerge again, in the cycle of life.

How often we stop by some store window, in aimless walks of our daily obligations? How often we look down at ourselves in some puddle of water? ‘Cause drops that fall in that same puddle will ruffle the picture. Deform and distort it. Maybe that will cause the storm inside of us. Storm that will purify all the bad, rinse the blackness of our essence. As I’m standing on this hill squinting in the magnificence of the sky as much as the rim on the hood of my raincoat allows me, with my hands in pockets I defy the wind and the thunder, smiling. ‘Cause I know that this rain will never leave us alone in our despair. She’ll always be here, with us, in the never ending circle of creation, renewing the alliance of birth with a beautiful and colorful rainbow!

Written by Marijana Bazja.