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Godville for iPhone/Android is just what I was looking for!

1528529_10153670824515082_2096739632_nFor those who don’t remember the game from back in the day called Progress Quest. it is a fully automatic role-playing game that ran in your task bar and played itself. Once named, the hero completed quests, looted items and sold stuff at the shop to use the gold to buy new spells, weapons and armour for the tougher enemies.

For years I was searching for a similar game until today, when I discovered (albeit a bit late) Godville for the iPhone/Android.

Players get to name their character (and their godly name—mine’s Luciferos, in case you’re interested) and that’s about it. The game does everything else—from combat, to quests, equipping items, starting guilds and doing PvP.. You as the god can encourage or punish your follower as you see fit but that’s the extent of which you “play” this game, besides reading your follower’s somewhat funny diary entries to see how his/her life is progressing. It’s an awesome game if you have little time to game.

If you’re interested in a game that plays itself (for the most part), then give Godville for the iPhone/Android a shot (it’s free!). Also, be sure to check out Progress Quest for the PC as well!

Last minute edit: Upon doing some more research I also found a more interactive browser “idle rpg” called Battle Without End on Kongregate. In this game you can equip your character (and pet) with items the character finds on his/her adventures. It even sports item quality, from Basic to Legendary like in games such as the Diablo series.


Wisdom and love?

330px-DickseeRomeoandJulietOne cannot be wise and in love at the same time, said the poet. And what is the implication? That love obviously is a past time and an occupation for fools. Oh well, poets in general seemed to have had a sorry time of love when you consider their verses on the subject, And yet, there would seem to be a melancholy strain of truth in their singing—after all, how many deliriously happy lovers do you know?


Welcome to 2014!

A new year has begun and if things go right, it will be a better year than the last. Maybe if we’re lucky, humans will stop killing and raping each other and departments such as the NSA will be dismantled for good. But all that might be asking too much.

What are some of your New Years resolutions? I’ve got a couple:

Lose weight.
Smoke less.
Facebook less.
Make new friends.
Shave my face.

Let’s see if I can stick to them.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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Surprise! The NSA Lied

NSA-650x637Claims made by the NSA that they are not able to find out much about people from the data they collect daily have been blown apart. The NSA and some lawmakers used to claim that the information it was collecting, such as phone numbers and length of calls, couldn’t be tied to any one individual, but an investigation by some who have been collecting data from Android users (on a volunteer basis) has shown that it was easy to put names to numbers.

A program called Metaphone collected data from 5,000 volunteers and gathered such data as recent calls, texts and social network information. The goal was to find out just how much metadata one could grab with surveillance and whether or not they could connect the data with individuals through freely available online tools.

The researchers discovered real names for 27% of the numbers using only Google, Yelp, Facebook and Google Places. They also Googled 100 randomly sampled numbers from their dataset and in under an hour managed to associate 60% of them to a person or a business. When they added in their 3 initial sources, they were up to 73%. Now if the NSA spies wanted to invest a little money into it they could probably get figures of up to 90% accuracy without a lot of effort.

The researchers issued an update to the Metaphone application which enabled instant feedback for users, providing them with a quick view of how closely they were connected to other app users and how many businesses they have been in contact with.

In the end we learn (once again) that there really is no privacy online. It is no conspiracy theory to believe there are spies amongst us, It is up to the population to dismantle organizations such as the NSA but that may prove difficult, as we learn recently that a US judge somehow ruled phone surveillance is lawful.

What a sad and sick world we live in.

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Thanks To David Cameron’s Draconian Blocking Rules, Tech Sites Have Been Blocked

David_Cameron_officialIt shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that David Cameron’s “save the kids” censorship system turned out to be just another attempt to censor the internet of information.

One victim of censorship is the Norwegian Unix Users’ group website which is now blocked in the UK. To the conspiracy theorist, this would appear like David Cameron despises open source (and if you want to go into full-paranoia mode, maybe there was a lobby by big software to block said sites). Another open source site that was blocked was USENIX, a US-based but international Unix user group.

What’s even worse is that is also blocked. Now why a site like the Electronic Frontier Foundation would be blocked makes one wonder. Apparently they hate the fact the EFF defends one’s rights in the digital world against many types of business trolls.

The British can’t reach,,, ArsTechnica,,, and even Maybe this is due to the discussions on said sites about “free downloading?”

Hopefully these issues get settled and if not, I hope the British bring their complaints directly to David Cameron’s front door. Censorship is an evil, no matter how many times you try to pass it off as “saving the children.” Don’t use children as pawns for your diabolical plans, Politicians!


And so, it is Christmas…

MerryOldSantaIt’s officially the start of Christmas and you know what that means! Lots of presents and egg nog (and booze). Oh, and spending quality time with family and friends, of course.

Personally, I don’t really celebrate Christmas—I don’t really buy into the marketing gimmick of a fat white man in a tracksuit who is meant to lead you into consuming all that you can either but besides all that, I don’t have much in way of family left to celebrate it with so I’ll probably skip the whole ordeal, wind up eating some ham sandwiches and catching up on some much needed sleep as I’m sure many other readers in similar predicaments will.

Peace to all, to all believers and non-believers alike. That should be the main point of Christmas, no?

Let’s try to keep the following in mind: You don’t need to believe in Yule, the Scandinavian fertility god, to enjoy the tradition of Yuletide carols and greetings. You don’t need to be a Wiccan to enjoy the tradition of wreaths or decking the halls with holly. You don’t need to be a Druid to enjoy the tradition of hoping for a kiss under the mistletoe. You don’t need to believe in the god Saturn to enjoy the tradition of decorating a Saturnalia tree in your home. You don’t need to believe in Thor, Odin or St. Nicholas to enjoy the tradition of a visitor bringing you gifts at night. You don’t need to believe in Sleipnir, Odin’s flying 8-legged horse, to enjoy the tradition of listening for the sound of hooves on your rooftop. You don’t need to believe in Mithras to enjoy the tradition of celebrating the sun’s rebirth on December 25th. And you don’t need to believe in Jesus Christ to enjoy the tradition of renaming this ancient holiday to “Christ’s Mass.”

All you need to enjoy these winter festivities is to be merry.

If you drink, try not to drive but if you must drive, drive very slowly and try not to hit any reindeer along the way.