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First Time Ever: Man Versus Woman In Official MMA Match

On December 20, Brazil will potentially make MMA history by allowing a man and a woman to fight each other for the first time ever since the sport adopted the Unified Rules.

Emerson Falcao (0-1) is ready to fight Juliana Velasquez (0-0) in a three-round bantamweight fight on Friday, according to, but whether or not they actually go through with it is anyone’s guess.

Osiris Maia, a member of the Brazilian MMArts Confederation, had this to say about the match on

“There’s nothing in the rules that specific [sic] prohibits a man to fight a woman, but when you interpret the rules you know that both athletes must be in the same level, so there’s no way a man should be allowed to fight a woman.”

My thought is this: If Falcao ends up winning, people will say he beat a woman which is bad enough, but if he loses they may say he let Velasquez win, so there’s definitely going to be some controversy with this match should it go through as planned.

I’m excited for tomorrow to see whether or not it happens and curious as to how the match turns out. This is a first time in MMA history and if it is a success, we may see more co-ed matches in future.


2 things iPhone needs

apple-iphone-5-white-all-sidesAll of us have had telemarketers bothering us at one point or another. Lately I’m being bothered up to three times a day, sometimes as late as 9pm, by one number in particular: 1 (514) 904-3190, which seems to come from Quebec, Canada and is apparently IPSOS Reid, a tiresome surveys company. I do not answer these calls but the ringing drives me crazy.

It’s times like these I realize there are two things my iPhone is missing that should have come standard in the first place.

1. A “silent” ringtone. The iPhone has a whole bunch of shrill, annoying ringtones but not a single silent one. With a “silent” ringtone I could assign it to the phone number in question and never have to worry about an aggressive phonecaller disrupting my dinner. I realize there’s a workaround: uploading a silent mp3 to my iPhone’s ringtone directory but I’m disappointed they couldn’t just add a silent one to begin with.

2. Number blocking. How come I have to jailbreak my iPhone in order to have call blocking? Why isn’t it an option in the first place? It can’t be too hard to add the ability to send the annoying caller directly to voicemail, at the very least. Telus, which I’m on, does have the ability to dial *60 to block the last number that called, but it only allows up to 50 blocked numbers.

Android phones have both of these features on their phones. If Apple was smart (or cared) they would add these things to an update, preferably sooner than later, before I decide to jump ship to an Android phone which I’m seriously considering once my contract is up just for those two features alone.

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Do we really need a Terminator reboot?

new-sarah-connor-emilia-clarke-terminator-genesis-e1386987102134-530x362According to the interwebs, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, from the HBO series Game of Thrones) will be playing Sarah Connor in the new Terminator reboot. But the question is, do we really need one? I don’t know about you but I’m growing mighty sick and tired of my favourite classic movies being redone, and being redone badly. I like Emilia but I fear for this movie. Just think about the recent Total Recall remake where they pretty much forgot to add everything that made it a good movie, including the mutants. It ended up being an awful movie.

I guess we’ll see how it turns out. I’m pretty skeptical, I must say. I’ll watch it for Emilia Clarke but I won’t hold my breath that it’ll be a decent homage to the original.

What do you think? Do you think Emilia Clarke is fit for the role of Sarah Connor?

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The CRTC Needs Some Teeth

crtcThe CRTC (aka the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) is currently “looking into” the wholesale rates Canadian companies charge for roaming in its ongoing investigation into why Canadian roaming rates are so high.

Apparently, the Big Three (Telus, Rogers and Bell) are trying to charge higher rates to the small, new entrant companies (such as Wind) than they charge to U.S. wireless companies. This is a ploy to kill local competition, the longtime dream of Robellus.

The problem is, the CRTC is a toothless organization run by company hacks, beholden to the shareholders and not to the Canadian public. So this is a case of “I’ll believe it when I see it.” We’ve heard this all before and little is ever done. Robellus owns them all.

Canada pays some of the highest cell rates in the world and if the CRTC were serious, they’d look into the costs themselves, not just roaming fees. I am currently paying $86 a month for 1gb of data, unlimited texts and phone calls and I’m tired of being ripped off but have little choice to switch, as they all collude in charging the same prices. The lack of competition is hurting us and it’s about time the CRTC got off its knees and began to change the cellular landscape once and for all instead of being Robellus lackeys.

Some underdeveloped countries have much better rates than we do. It’s a sham, and it must end but first we need an organization that has some teeth. The only way we will see better rates is to have true competition, something the CRTC doesn’t give a damn about.

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Canada Post is doomed

Canada-Post-LogoCanada Post, a Crown Corporation, sure are bleeding money (they’re facing a $1bn deficit by 2020) and they’re about to cut 8,000 jobs (by attrition, they claim). They’re about to phase out home delivery of mail which will really do great for the seniors in winter time, Heavy sarcasm. This move will happen over the next 5 years. The cost of stamps are jusr going to rise.

This is not good news. I am not looking forward to going to superboxes to pick up my mail in the dead of winter. I don’t even trust them. Luckily most my banking is done online but I’ll still need to pick up some certain pieces of mail. And will the superboxes also be filled with pounds and pounds of flyers? We’ll see…

This is the final nail in the company. Maybe UPS and others can pick up the slack as they seem to be doing pretty well where Canada Post is failing.

So much for all that taxpayer money. Maybe they need to cut the checks of the CEOs, who will likely only get raises from this latest run to save money, while hurting your everyday home user.

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Auslogics Bootspeed

With over a dozen unique tools such as Disk Doctor, Disk Defrag, Duplicate File Finder, and several others, Auslogics BoostSpeed is a powerful all-in-one PC optimizer that has everything you need to keep your computer running fast and smooth. With Bootspeed you can Free up the maximum amount of disk space possible by eliminating junk and duplicate files. Restore smooth and stable performance by getting your Windows registry in perfect order. Get your PC running at full speed by taking care of most slowdown causes. Improve your download and web surfing speed by optimizing connection settings. Protect your privacy by erasing confidential data saved in places easily accessible to hackers and much more.

So far I like it a lot. A lot of the tools however can be found in freeware options (such as Ccleaner and Defraggler), but I love the defragger and It is so far my favourite program to keep my computer in tip-top shape. Once again though I should warn you: it’ll scan your PC for errors to fix but you need to pay $49.95USD (3PCs, per year) in order for it to do its job. Is it worth it? Well, that’s up to you. I definitely got my money’s worth.
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Cystic fibrosis ‘breakthrough’ pills have $300K price tag

Kalydeco hailed as a life-changing drug for some people with cystic fibrosis

Ivacaftor.svgPretending to be gods must be fun. Kalydeco is an example of how greedy corporations don’t give a flying fuck about people. $400 a pill (or $300k per year) is asking for way too much. It’s pretty damn stupid to charge that much because most people who need the drug can’t work and if you can’t work, you can’t make $300k per year and thus you can’t afford the medication in the first place. I realize it only helps roughly 5% of cystic fibrosis cases out there and they need to make their money back somehow but $400 a pill, really? Stupid all around.

Medical companies are way out of control and must be reigned in.