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Full version of the brick through windshield fatality

Skip to 1:44 to see the incident.

“The Kamaz truck was loaded with bricks and a few of them came loose. One of them smashed through the Audi A4′s windshield, striking 29 year old Olga Gaikovich who was on the passenger’s seat in the head.

The truck driver didn’t even notice and continued driving on. The woman was taken to the emergency room in the Azov hospital with skull split open where they pronounced her dead after two hours of failing attempts to revive her.” – BestGore


The Gangsters — Dreamscape for 01/04/14

Terrorist Pointing an Automatic WeaponI was thinking of names for a couple train track routes until one of the guys I was with started to push me around, so I beat him down. Later on he attacked me again so I beat him down again. At this point what I expect was the “leader” said to “get his grandmother,” so I warned my grandmother to stay away from the house but she pulled into the driveway anyway. I went to the car and told her again to get away. She said okay and got back into the car, and as she started the engine I rode my bike to the street to wait for her to pull out but it was too late—the car was being surrounded by gang members who were pointing guns at the car.

The last thing I saw before I biked away was my grandmother getting out of the car with her hands up. Many streets over I dialled 911 and told them there was gang activity at my house and I repeated it again before hanging up.