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The death of BASE jumper Dwain Weston

Some viewers may find this hard to watch.

In October 2003, while participating in the inaugural Go Fast Games, Weston was killed attempting to fly over the Royal Gorge Bridge near Cañon City, Colorado. Weston was to go over the bridge while fellow skydiver Jeb Corliss was to go under it. Just prior to the jump, Weston said to Corliss, “Whatever happens happens.”

Something happened, as you can see in the video.

Accidents, YouTube

Indore: Family carried to deaths after flash flood pushes them over waterfall

May be disturbing to some viewers

Flash floods can be very dangerous as we see here. The mistake they made was stopping in the middle of the oncoming surge when they should have kept moving towards the shore. Fear must have gripped them.

There were two survivors of this tragedy: Nanuram (25) of Badnawar and Anishq (18) of Harda were saved but the body of Chavi (22), daughter of Purshottam Dhoot and a resident of Aggrawal Nagar was fished out by fire tenders of Mhow and Indore. Here is a link to the story.